Ronnie Coleman, “Yeah Buddy” Extream Energy Pre-Workout, 30 Serving
Ronnie Coleman is one of the many professional bodybuilders to have his own line of sports supplements. Fans of the 8 time Mr. Olympia champion have eagerly awaited the release of his brand new pre workout, Yeah Buddy, ever since it was announced several months ago.
The profile has finally been released and is heavy on the stim that’ll be sure to get you in the gym no matter how lethargic you may be.
Key Points

    • 420mg caffeine blend
    • Six different stimulants (seven if you count the two forms of caffeine)
    • One new herbal ingredient (adhatoda Vasica)

No ergogenics (ie. no muscle builders like creatine or betaine)

Warning: Ronnie Coleman’s “Yeah Buddy” is an extreamly potent and powerful pre-workout energy supplement. this should Not be used by beginners or anyone under 18. never consume more than 1 scoop in a 24 hour period.

2,800.00 3,999.00

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A shocking new study has found many supplements on the market are fake, with researchers determining more than one-third of 44 products tested don’t contain what’s on the label. But one of the nation’s top holistic doctors notes most supplements do not pose a risk and that there are steps consumers can take to protect themselves from bogus products.

  • Extream Energy.
  • Prevent catabolism.
  • Intense Focus.
  • 500 Mg EggMass.

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